New Windows vs Restored Windows

If you want to enhance your home's appeal, make a statement with replacement windows. Your first move should be to talk to a professional window contractor like Apple Valley Home Improvement about your ideas. Would you like to match existing windows or change up the style a bit? You can make the entire house look more modern by selecting a completely different style... but should you?  If your home is a historic pro

Your Southington CT home may benefit from a new set of energy efficient windows. How do you know when you need new windows? Your home will tell you!  When your heating and cooling bills are getting out of hand, it may be because winter winds or summer heat are coming right through the windows. If your windows have been leaking, or if condensation over the years has rotted the wood, it makes sense to opt for replacement. When the wood warps and expands, you may not even be able to open a window