New Windows vs Restored Windows

If you want to enhance your home's appeal, make a statement with replacement windows. Your first move should be to talk to a professional window contractor like Apple Valley Home Improvement about your ideas. Would you like to match existing windows or change up the style a bit? You can make the entire house look more modern by selecting a completely different style... but should you?  If your home is a historic property or is over a century old, replacing antique windows may have the opposite effect you intended. Before you make any decisions, make sure the architectural style of the house is reflected in the windows you wish to have installed.

Antique windows are valuable and deserve to be lovingly restored. Take your time planning your window project and enlist the help of an architect to achieve the effect you desire. There are plenty of examples of mismatched window styles that have been visited  upon historic homes. The windows are the eyes of a home, and architectural mismatches can have the opposite effect you intend.

If you have a more contemporary home, you may have an appropriate outer wall that will accommodate a feature window. For a Victorian flavor, replace a wide rectangular space with a stained glass transom window. These are lovely in a half bathroom or above a stairwell. You can completely change the personality of your home with more intricate designs. Ask your contractor about a patio door with sidelights topped with an elliptical transom - a touch of class that will change the personality of the home in a positive way. Call Apple Valley Home Improvement for a consultation: 860-384-1899.


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